LED strobe light product advantage

- Oct 30, 2018-

1. Targeted: The company has accumulated many years of experience in the actual construction of electronic police engineering. It is specially developed for the working environment and functional requirements of the security card (HD, SD). It uses a unique digital control circuit to achieve high energy in a very short time. Illumination, the perfect combination of flash light and camera exposure time, to meet the most clear camera requirements for vehicles and drivers under various lighting conditions, and to minimize the driver and surrounding residents Interference and impact.

2, high quality, high life: the United States imported LED chips (ordinary flashlights for glass tubes), the control circuit uses the mainstream mature, stable components, and after strict performance and safety testing, the protection level reaches IP65, to ensure The number of flashes of the whole machine life of more than 10 million times in the case of high power can effectively solve the problem of frequent replacement of the flash during the actual operation of the security bayonet, and greatly reduce the labor and equipment costs for the later maintenance.

3, intelligent control: different from the ordinary flash "silly flash" mode, can be used to accurately control the flash time, trigger flash, flashing times and other parameters through the software settings function, through the on-site debugging, so that the camera can not reach the ordinary flash The best shot.

4. Convenient debugging: Supports on-site and remote setting of flash parameters, including center setting and on-site bar setting. It can accept the commands of the center software to achieve different intensity flashes during the day and night, ensuring that the two time periods reach the same clarity. effect.