LED strobe light product features

- Oct 30, 2018-

1, the flash time can be precisely controlled

2, high power LED brightness adjustable, pulse width adjustable;

3. The instantaneous output power of the light output is large, and the light output is always output with high power evenly.

4, long service life, is 3-10 times the life of ordinary flash. Intermittent strobe ≥10 million times;

5, can support the maximum power 4 times per second 24 hours continuous flash or intermittent multiple flash per second

6, instant callback, can guarantee multiple flashes in succession

7. The spectrum is continuous and uniform, and the light effect is good.

8, the impact on the human eye is low, not easy to attract the attention of the driver

9, all parameters can be set online through RS485, bus, convenient for engineering debugging