Spotlight application

- Oct 30, 2018-

Spotlights can also be used as mirror front lights in the bathroom. When installing, the lamp holder should be traversed and the height should be above the washbasin. Since the lampshade rotates freely and can rotate 320 degrees, it is enough to have a small washroom. No matter where you need to shine, it can "cast you well." Many young people try to replace the chandelier with spotlights, and the effect is not bad. Just install the bottom upside down and fix it under the ceiling. If the room is long or has a wine cabinet, etc., it is better to install a row of spotlights; if the room is more square, the spotlights can be installed around the ceiling, but the switches are preferably controlled separately, so that when all are turned on, they become The illumination of the main body of the room. When it is turned on separately, it is a spotlight, a wall lamp or a "single fire chandelier". Don't have a mood.