Spotlight structure

- Oct 30, 2018-

The LED spotlights are mainly composed of a casing, a lamp bead, an aluminum base plate, and a drive. The specific analysis is as follows:

LED spotlight housing: baking varnish, electroplating two kinds of casing The whole set includes lamp cover, lamp cup, base, aluminum substrate, lens, screw. Suitable for MR16, GU10 lotus shape, beautiful, generous and good heat dissipation performance.

LED spotlights: six-pin RGB, dedicated for spotlights, red light: 40lm; green light: 60lm; blue light: 15lm; all use 350 mA current.

LED spotlight drive: input voltage (220V) constant current output, to ensure high power LED high security factor, greater than 0.98 isolation power supply isolation voltage is 3000V over temperature protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection can drive all 3W LED (including red and yellow) Using ceramic magnetic capacitors, long-life design, up to 50,000 hours of high reliability, the whole lamp can pass the safety test, the isolation voltage reaches 3750V, and the EMC test volume is 24mm*18mm, with Chinese and US patents.