200W Beam Spot Washer Led Moving Head Light

200W Beam Spot Washer Led Moving Head Light

350W | 1PCS | white LED | Zoom | 9 Pattern | 8 Colours | 3 Prism | Strobe | DMX512 | Auto run

Product Details

200W beam spot washer led moving head light


Channel mode:DMX-512, 16/13CH
Color wheel:8 colors+white,split colors,rainbow effect
Rotated gobo wheel :2 glass gobos+4 metal gobos+1 water ripple gobo+white,gobo shake
Fixed gobo wheel :9 fixed gobos+white,rainbow effect,gobo shake
Effect wheel 1:amimation wheel(adjustable rotating speed and direction)
Effect wheel 2:color ful effect wheel+frost effect
Focus:Variable motorized focus
Dimmer:Variable electronic dimmer(0-100%)
Control mode:DMX512,Sound,Master/Slave,Auto
Pan:540°/360°/180°,8/16 bit movement resolution,automatic correction
Tilt:270°/180°/90°,8/16 bit movement resolution,automatic correction
Data in/out:3-pin XLR connector IN/OUT
Power in/out:PowerCon IN/OUT
Power supply:AC 100V-240V 60/50Hz
Power consumption:350W
Light source:200W white LED
Beam angle:12°→ 28(with zoom lens)
Spot angle:8°→14°(with zoom lens)
Wash angle:8°~20°
Product meas:328*216*520mm
Package meas:50.5*41*39.5cm






1. Technology Reference


1) Voltage: 100-240V,50-60Hz

2) Power consumption: 350W

3) LED: ultra bright 200W LED

4) Color wheel: 8 colors + white, spilt colors, rainbow effect

5) Rotated gobo wheel : 2 glass gobos +4 metal gobos+1 water ripple gobo + white,gobo shake 

6) Fixed gobo wheel:9 fixed gobos+white,gobo flow effect,gobo shake

7) Effect wheel 1:animation wheel (adjustable rotating speed and direction)

8) Effect wheel 2:colorful effect wheel +frost effect (colorful effect wheel adjustable rotating speed and direction)

9) Effect wheel 3: 3 facet prism and 8 facet prism,two prisms can be overlapped (adjustable rotating speed and direction)

10) Dimmer: Variable electronic dimmer(0-100%)

11) Strobe: 1-20Hz/s

12) Focus: Variable motorized focus

13) Zoom: motorized linear zoom

14) Beam angle: 12°-28°

15) Pan :540° Tilt: 250°

16) Control: DMX 512, 20CH/16CH

17) Data in/out: 3-pin XLR connector IN/OUT

18) Power in/out: PowerCon IN/OUT

19) Working mode: Stand-alone mode, Controller mode, Master/Slave    

synchronization mode

20) Other function: Pan/Tilt speed adjustable

21) Housing: High temperature resistant engineering plastic + aluminum alloy.

22) Net weight: 15 KG

23) Product size: 328*326*520mm

24) Integrated three features:beam,spot and wash


The accessories below were packed with product, please check if they are once open the package.

Power cable: 1PCS

XLR cable: 1PCS

User manual: 1 PCS

Clamp (Optional): 2PCS

Safer rope(Optional):1PCS



Please check whether the light with damage by shipment once open the package before operation. If product with damage by shipment, please do not operate the light then contact the dealer or supplier.


This product is designed for Indoor use, the IP rate is IP20. Keep the product in

dry environment. Avoid in damp, overheating, or much dusty environment. Prevent fixture in contact with the water and other liquids.


Please do not install the fixture on the surface of combustible substances.


Qualified professionals can install, operate and maintain the fixture, and to make sure strictly in accordance with the procedures described in this operating instructions.


The fixture should be installed in a well ventilated place, and the distance from the wall to keep above 10 cm, at the same time, please check the fan and the vent is unimpeded.


Do not use the fixture is directly projected on combustible objects, the distance between the fixture and light objects please keep over 1 meter.


Don't look straight into the light source of the fixture (especially for epilepsy patients), so as not to cause damage to the eyes!


Please do not open and fix the fixture by yourself.


For electrical parts connected person must have the corresponding qualifications before operate.


Before installation, please make sure the power supply voltage you used and the voltage of fixture is identified.


Every fixture should be properly grounded and in accordance with the relevant standard for electrical installation.


Don't dispatch the fixture connected to any other dimming device.


Do not use insulating layer with damage for the power cord, and don't take the power cord overlap on the other wire. When not use or to clean the fixture, please unplug the power cord. Don't unplug the plug rudely or drag the power cord directly.


Keep the bulb clean, do not contact with the glass bulb by hand directly.

Equipped with insurance rope connecting hole at the bottom of the fixture, for security, please use safety cable to hang the fixture.


There is no any parts for repair inside the fixture. Before starting operation of the fixture, please check whether all the cover plate (or housing) has been installed well, whether the screw has been tighten .


Prohibit use the fixture when the cover plate or housing is opened.

If you have any questions or Suggestions, please contact with dealers or supplier



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