80W Mini Spot Moving Head Light

This product is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with CE standards. It uses a new and beautiful high-temperature engineering plastic casing and high-hardness metal body. It conforms to the international standard DMX512 signal protocol. It can be used alone or online. It has a fast rotation. Low noise and powerful features for small and medium-sized concerts, theaters, studios, and bars.

Product Details

--This product is a gobo fixture used to create a graphic performance.。

--- If the product is subjected to a large temperature difference (for example, after shipping), starting the product immediately may damage the product. Please wait until the device reaches normal room temperature before starting the product.

-- Pay attention to earthquake prevention. Avoid strong collisions during product installation.

-- Please do not lift the entire product through the lamp cap, as the mechanical structure of the device may be damaged.

-- When selecting an installation location, make sure that the product is not exposed to excessive heat, humidity or dust. Please do not put any wires on the ground, otherwise you may be exposed to electric shock.

--Before installing the product, please make sure the installation point is safe.

-- Attach the product to the safety rope and check that all screws are installed correctly during installation.

-- Make sure the lens is in good condition. When the lens is damaged or scratched, replace the lens.

-- It is recommended that the product be operated by a technician who is familiar with the product. Non-technical personnel are prohibited from operating this equipment, and most of the damage is caused by unprofessional operations.

-- Please keep the packaging materials in a safe place for secondary transportation.

 Product Features

Light Source: 80W LED White light module

Consumption: 100W

Power Supply: AC100V-240V 50-60Hz

Color Temperature: 7000K-8000K

Life-span: 50000 hours

Control Mode: 13CH, DMX512 signal input, Voice control, automatic running

Rectifier: Electronic Rectifier Attack or Traditional Rectifier (optional)

Horizontal scanning: 540 degrees (160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.

Dimming: 0-100% linear

Zoom: 0-100% linear ,Adjust the definition of the pattern

Angle:10°-14°, Electric focus, manual zoom (4 degrees)

Color: 11 pcs color wheel+white, Rainbow effect, can be positioned at will.

GOBO:7PCS pluggable pattern, pattern rotation, pattern flow effect, pattern manual zoom

Prism: built-in prism

Product N.W.: 5.95KG


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