10R 260W Beam Moving Head Light

Model Name: 260w beam moving head light
10R 260W beam moving head light
260W | 1PCS | IP20 | Beam | Strobe | 14Pattern | Prism | XY Fine | Overheat protection | DMX512

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Detailed Product Description

Input Voltage:

AC 100-240V/50Hz-60Hz

Lamp Type:

260W Impoerws LED

Total Consume:


Life Span:

2000 hours (pack lamp; reflection cup to lengthen lifetime)

Control Signal:


Control mode:

International Standard DMX512, Automatic;And Master/Slave Mode

Color Temperature:





0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming available.

Beam angle:

0-3.8 degree


14 super mute motors, XY three-phase motor

Fixed color:

11 color + white, halftone effect adjustment


8-facet prism + Honeycomb prism (2 prisms can be superimposed to 40, can be two-way independent rotation)


independent frost effect, spot soft and natural

Body Color:


IP Rate:






● Standard control signal: DMX512

● LCD: LCD 65 million color touch TFT interface, easy to operate, high-definition screen, the interface can be 180 degrees reverse display.

● Scanning speed: X to 2.6 seconds / 540 degrees, Y to 1.24 seconds / 270 degrees (16Bit precision scan), Automatic calibration positioning, fast & stable & noiseless.

● Strobe: two-piece strobe (0.5-9 times / sec), complete linear dimming and variable strobe speed.

● Color wheel: with 14 colors + blank (to create a sharp beam effect)

● Gobo: 17 fixed patterns + blank (change the shape of beam)

● Prisms: 8-facet prism + Honeycomb prism.

● Adjustable rotating angle, max. opening angle of 60 degrees, combined with the pattern function can be achieved

● separately: 8 +24 +48 beam effect (switchable) ,with two-way independent slow/fast rotation function.

● Frost: Soft light effect, easy to achieve the effect of soft and fantasy pattern

● Focus: 3 sets optical lens combination, beam effect is much better than normal ones,can cast a high- definition pattern

● Beam angle: 0-3.8 degree

● Other: Overheating intelligent protection.

● Intelligent light bulb switch control (to extend the lamp lifetime)

Main board features: The display board has a USB interface, which can be used to adjust the address code while power off. can set the boot logo yourself, and can upgrade the display board program, and also can freely set the usage time of the light,when reach the usage time, you can add the usage time for the serial number customer again.. The light with this motherboard move fast, quiet, and accurate.

Light characteristics: It is a small-volume, compact high-efficiency, high-integration, high-effect, high-speed beam light. The brightness is much brighter than most of the 330 and 350W beam light on the market. It combines domestic and foreign high-quality materials and high-tech design techniques. Adopting authoritative three-phase motor, constant current circuit board and enough power 450W380V integrated power supply, 36V, 24V, 12V dedicated voltage, with ultra-precise positioning and strong anti-interference ability; self-developed special optical lens, high intensity concentrating effect; there is a color wheel: white color + 13 colors; one is a metal pattern wheel: white color + 11 patterns + 3 glass patterns; independent: octagonal prism and honey prism, maximum opening angle 50 degrees, combined the pattern function, can be realized separately: 8+24+32 beam effect switching; integrated folding light hook, built-in battery,setting address while power off, prism automatic adjustment function, convenient and fast.

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