380W 20R beam moving head light

Model Name: 380W Pure Beam Light
380W 20R beam moving head light
380W | 1PCS | IP20 | Beam | Strobe | 14Pattern | Prism | XY Fine | Overheat protection | DMX512

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Input Voltage:

AC 100-240V/50Hz-60Hz

Lamp Type:


Total Consume:



Electronic Ballast

Average life:

1500 hours (bulb and reflector complete package, longer luminous efficiency and longer service life)

Control Signal:

international standard DMX512

Color temperature:





0-100% linear adjustment.

Number of motors:

a total of 14 silent motors, XY three-phase motors

Fixed color:

14 color patches + white light (half color effect)

Static pattern:

7 fixed images + 5 white lights of different sizes + white light


8+8+8 honeycomb prism, 16 prism (double prism can be superimposed 40, can rotate independently in both directions)

Color film:

1 six-color film (can do colorful effects)


1 independent frost effect, spot soft and natural


high temperature resistant plastic

Light Body Color:


IP Rate:



320*220*580mm (LWH)



Function introduction:

1. International standard control signal: DMX512

2. Channel: 16CH channel

3. Number of motors: a total of 14 silent motors

4. LCD 650,000 color touch TFT interface, easy to operate, beautiful interface, the interface can be reversed 180 degrees display.

5.The X axis rotates 540℃ horizontally, and the Y axis rotates 270℃ vertically with automatic correction positioning.

6. X, Y axis operation can be adjusted and adjusted, software with correction positioning function, high precision!

7. Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.

8. Strobe: two-chip strobe (0.5-9 times / sec), full linear dimming and variable stroboscopic speed.

9. Color wheel: with 14 colors + blank (can create a sharp aerial beam effect)

10. Pattern wheel: with 12 fixed pattern pieces + blank (allows you to quickly change the shape of the beam)

11. Prism: Rotating the octagonal prism, it can rotate in both directions, and the rotation speed can be adjusted to make the pattern projection effect more abundant.

12. Atomization: Soft light effect, easy to achieve a soft and dreamy pattern effect.

13. Focusing: With 2 sets of optical lens combination, the effect is much better than the usual beam light, which can project high-definition patterns.

14. Beam angle: parallel beam angle: 0-3.8

15. Overheating intelligent protection

16. Smart light bulb switch control (extend lamp life)

Powerful, bright and sharp; combining a380W Japanese Phoenix  light sourceWith 2 sets of optical lens Zoom Profile is a fast, agile moving head offering an adjustable beam angle from 0° to 3.8°. The feature packed head offering an adjustable beam angle from 0° to 3.8°. The feature packed head offers two gobo wheels, facet prism, frost filter, motorised zoom and focus together with both colour wheel and CMY colour mixing ideal for stage, rental and touring.

Our products have been rigorously tested and our quality inspectors strictly control each device.


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