Led Wall Washer LBS1212

It adopts high power 6-in-1 LED, which refers to single LED is made of R,G,B,A,W,UV LED, And long life span, low consumption, good color mixing effect and high brightness are the most prominent features. Each kind of LED can be independently dimmed. The built-in program includes dimming, strobe, eotic, gradual change, fading and so on. It uses lithium battery power supply, stable capability and easy to carry. International standard DMX 512 signal is requested.

Product Details

Main Function

Ø high quality LED: low consumption, High brightness, stable capability and long life

Ø each color of LED with 32-bit, 16666 grades dimming. RGBWUV color mixing

Ø dim 0%-100%, Strobegradual changejumping changeeotic and etc

Ø DMX512 Controller4 button set DMX ID address with LCD display

Ø auto run /sound activated/master slave/interconnected multi-machine control

Ø wireless DMX control

Ø electric quantity display

Ø lithium battery power supply, stable capability and easy to carry

Ø IR remote control function

Ø Power charging indicator

Ø Output mode optional

Ø lens degree: 25º45º optional

Ø Output ModeH(100%)M(75%)S(50%)

Ø DMX control channel optional

Technical Specification


● Input voltageAC 100V-264V/47-63HZ

● Recharger output voltage: DC25.8V 2A

● Recharge time: about 5.5 hours

● Consume144W  

● Lamp TypeLED(12W)

● Lamp Spec6-in-1 LED12PCS

● Life span: 50000-100000hours

● Constant current driver400mA

● Running hours (with full power): full brightness (+/- 2.5 hours); color jumping (+/-5 hours); Gradual change (+/- 10 hours);

● Control Signal:wire/wireless DMX512, auto run, IR remote

● Control modestand alone/ sound activated

● DMX channels: 7/8/11 CH

● Color effect: R, G, B, A,W, UV mixing

● Beam angle: 25º, 45º optional

● Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, eotic, gradual change, sound activated  

● Cooling mode: fan cooling

● Protection rating: IP20

● Anti-electricity intension1.5KV

● Insulation Resistance:>2

● Size640*124.2*221.5mm

● Net weight:8.0kg

Charging and power instruction

When charging, CHARGE display red. full power display green

LCD display electric quantity, please off fixture and battery charging when display no power; Its not good at usage life of battery, please avoid to using fixture when charging. And avoid overcharge, charing time is about 5.5 hours. Total 5 pixels for power display. One pixel,20% power

Operating instruction:


When first display ddr 001, press UP/DOWN to choosepress ENTER to store

Press MENU to choose menu item

First time press MENU display CHnd 9chpress UP/DOWN to adjust Channel Modepress ENTER to store

Second press MENU display AUTO 00press UP/DOWN to adjust Built in Program, press ENTER to store

Third press MENU display Speed 00press UP/DOWN to adjust Built in Program Speed, press ENTER to store

Fourth press MENU display Fade 00press UP/DOWN to adjust Gradual Changing Speedbigger value slower speedpress ENTER to store

Fifth press MENU display Strobe 00press UP/DOWN to adjust Strobe Speedbigger value faster speedpress ENTER to store

Sixth press MENU display RED 000press UP/DOWN to adjust RED Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Seventh press MENU display GREEN 000press UP/DOWN to adjust GREEN Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Eighth press MENU display BLUE 000press UP/DOWN to adjust BLUE Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Ninth press MENU display AMBER 000press UP/DOWN to adjust AMBER Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Tenth press MENU display WHITE 000press UP/DOWN to adjust WHITE Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Eleventh press MENU display UV 000press UP/DOWN to adjust UV Intensitybigger value brighter brightness, press ENTER to store

Twelfth press MENU display Sound…press ENTER to store

Thirteenth press MENU display Dimmer0press UP/DOWN to adjust DMX dimmer modepress ENTER to store

Fourteenth press MENU display RF-ID0press UP/DOWN to adjust Wireless ID codepress ENTER to store

Fifteenth press MENU display IR MODEIR receive mode now

Sixteenth press MENU display OUT MODE Hpress UP/DOWN to adjust power outputH display 100%,M display 75%, S display 50%, press ENTER to store

Seventeenth press MENU back to Addr 001 initial state

RemarkAUTO63 to adjust SpeedSpeed 00 is fastestSpeed 15 is slowest

Ø ATTO00-62RGBAWUV single color or various colors mixing

Ø AUTO63many colors jumping

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