IP65 Waterproof Wall Washer

LED LQ1516 adopts high power 4-in-1 LED, which refers to single LED is made of R,G,B,W 4-IN-1 LED, And long life span, low consumption, good color mixing effect and high brightness are the most prominent features.

Product Details

 Main Function

Ø Input voltage: AC 100V-264V/47-63HZ

Ø Consume200W

Ø Lamp Type15W LED 4-in-1 RGBW(16PCS)

Ø Life span: 50000~100000hours

Ø PWM Dimmer1500HZ(16666 grades)

Ø Control SignalDMX512

Ø Control modestand alone/ Master/Slaver

Ø Channel72CH,64CH,40CH,24CH,16CH,10CH,5CH,4CH

Ø Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change, rainbow, selfprogram running

Ø Built-in temperature control measurement function, when LED work overheated, intelligent reduce LED output power, current power output and can be viewed.

Ø Cooling mode: Natural Convection

Ø Anti-electricity intension1.5KV

Ø Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ

Ø Beam Angle: 10*40°

Ø Protection: IP65


1) Press the ENTERbutton in CTSTmenu, then enter to the custom color setting.

2) Press the UP/DOWNselect CT01CT10

2) Press theUP/DOWNbutton to select1-512numerical value.

3) Press theENTERbutton to escape and save.


1)Press theENTERbutton inAUTOmenu, then enter to the auto run,self-program run.

2)Press theUP/DOWNbutton to selectAT01AT33】,【SPEED】,【CHASE01CHASE03

3)Press theENTERbutton to start running.


1) Press theENTERbutton inPROGmenu, then enter to the edit self-program.

2) Press theUP/DOWNbutton to selectCHASE01CHASE03

3) Press theENTERbutton for confirmation and enter to the next menu.

4) Press theUP/DOWNbutton to selectSCENE01SCENE20

5) Press theENTERbutton for confirmation and enter to the next menu.

6) Then press theUP/DOWNbutton to selectRED1SHUT】,【TIME】,【WAIT】,【USE

7) Press theUP/DOWNbutton to set up the parameter which are needed.

8) Press theENTERbutton t o escape and save.

IllustrationsWhenUSEis set to beNO】,or the parameter ofTIMEis 0, it will not run this scene.

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