RGB 4 IN 1 Waterproof Wall Washer

RGB 4 IN 1 Waterproof Wall Washer

200W | 16PCS | 4-IN-1 | IP65 | Auto run | Strobe | Programable | Dot Matrix | Touch button | Overheat protection | DMX512

Product Details

RGB 4 IN 1 Waterproof Wall Washer


LQ1516-Matri adopts high power 4-in-1 LED, which refers to single LED is made of R,G,B,W 4-IN-1 LED, And long life span, low consumption, good color mixing effect and high brightness are the most prominent features. Each kind of LED can be independently dimmed. The built-in program includes dimming, strobe, eotic, gradual change, fading and so on. It uses power switch, performs low weight and consumption, stable capability and long life. International standard DMX 512 signal is requested

Detailed Product Description.

Input voltage: AC 100V-264V/47-63HZ


Lamp Type:15W LED 4-in-1 R、G、B、W(16PCS)

Life span: 50000~100000hours

PWM dimmer:4300Hz(16666 grades)

Control SignalDMX512

Control mode:stand alone/ Master/Slaver


Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change, rainbow, auto run, self-program running

Built-in temperature control measurement function, when LED work overheated, intelligent reduce LED output power, current power output and can be viewed.

Cooling mode: Natural Convection

Anti-electricity intension1.5KV

Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ

Beam Angle: 10*40°

Protection: IP65

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2) If the problem can solved by changing the product, we will offer you the replacement for free. (The relevant delivery cost should be on the buyer's side)


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