10W UV IR Control LED Bar

- Jan 10, 2019-

The flicker free operation and fanless cooling system makes it well suited for broadcast and theatre applications, with Seetronic in and out power connectors included for fast easy set up. There are various control options via the LCD control panel including auto, master/slave, and sound active, or select different modes of DMX....


  • 10W COB,Smooth uniform,low power consumption,high light,Stable and reliable performance,long life,wave length is optional

  • Capacitive touch-screen, ensure the stable and reliable use, touch sensitivity is high,long service life,good display

  • Built-in control, temperature and current power output can be viewed, prompt signal connection

  • With wireless (compatible & W-DMX), power supply, signal leads are optional: outgoing type and power base type

Product advantages:

  • Independent R & D, power supply with switching power supply,constant current mode control

  • No draught fan,no noise,IP65 waterproof

  • Die-cast aluminum case for cooling,Pumpkin curved line appearance,don't blow hand,Perfect and reliable 


For events, parties, weddings, home parties, productions, stage shows,etc