12W*8 Heads 3200K WHITE DJ Lighting System

- Jan 02, 2019-

T1208-W is a new wireless DMX & Remotely controllable pin spot light. T1208-W is a compact, refined version of traditional pin spotting , built-in battery, wireless DMX, and IR to further enhance your entire workflow and design process. T1208-W features 8 individual 6 Degree beam pin spotting light source, which will help to pin spot/project on 8 difference objects from 1 fixture. Built-in battery and wireless features greatly reduce the hassle of setup time. T1208-W has double the brightness than our nearest competitor. Pinspot battery-operated wireless T1208-W easily cuts through the air and is ideal for use at shows, events and clubs. This battery operated wireless pinspot lights bar can be installed anywhere on the stage and can create projections on any object

  • Easy battery operated pinspot

  • Can produce soft edge projection on any object,

  • 8 separate flexible heads which can bend the projection angles

  • Most easy, compact pinspot made ever.

  • User Friendly Interface