2019 Global LED Lighting Market Trend- Cross-Industry To Create Business Opportunities

- Jul 29, 2019-

According to the latest research report of LEDinside 「2019 Light LED and LED Lighting Market Outlook」, during 2018 to 2023, LED Lighting market scale will gradually increase. LED lighting market scale will reach USD 56.6 billion in 2023. CAGR during 2018 to 2023 will be 9%.

LED lighting trends vary from region to region, and markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, and India perform well

European LED lighting market scale continuously expands, to the tune of USD 8.292 billion in 2018, with an annual growth of 9.5% and a penetration rate over 50%. In this market, lighting fixtures for commercial lighting have the greatest growth momentum, such as spotlight, filament lamp and decorative lamps.

American lighting manufacturers all achieved good revenue performance in 1H18, which mainly came from American market. Cost of lighting products is expected to transfer to consumers due to the impact of US-China Trade War and rising raw material price.

The unit prices in the Japanese market are higher. Besides, due to the rebound of Japan’s economy and the impact of 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the growth of Japanese market will remain.

Southeast Asia is gradually developing into a dynamic LED lighting market. Thanks to the rapid growth of local economy, infrastructure investment and population, the demand for lighting is massive. The penetration of LED lighting in the Middle East and Africa market is rapidly increasing, and the market potential in the future is still expected.

Outlook for lighting market trend during 2019 to 2020: three major opportunities will become the revenue growth momentum for lighting manufacturers. One is lighting demand stimulated by 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The other is that the requirements of high-end lighting market is likely to rise as DLC V5.0 improves quality of light and luminous efficacy. Last but not the least, lighting manufacturers expand cross-industry to create business opportunities, which can be seen in architectural smart lighting, human centric lighting, horticultural lighting, fishing lighting, special lighting and so on.