20W Water-proof Water Effect Light

- Dec 01, 2018-

1. 20W white LED

2. Capacitive touch screen, high sensitivity, long life and high definition

3. clearly water grain effect, adjustable water effect speed, can be reversed

4. Current power output can be viewed, signal connection prompt

5. Channel:4CH,2CH

6.Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change, water effect,selfprogram running,Built-in temperature control measurement function,    when LED work overheated, intelligent reduce LED output power, current power output and can be viewed.

7. Cooling mode: Natural Convection

8. IP Rate: IP65

9.Suitable for inside and outside (scenario) use

Product advantages: independent research and development, with switching power supply and constant current control, stable and reliable, IP65 waterproof, PF value over 0.9