- Jan 11, 2019-

PZ-Q3003 is an innovative concept which combines superior RGBW colour mixing and smart design. Specially selected high quality Osram LEDs provide deep, saturated colors with an outstanding white balance and the distinct lens design takes care of the exceptionally smooth projection.

Guaranteed flicker free operation makes the PZ-Q3003 suitable for tv shows, theatre and corporate events. The PZ-Q3003 features a very quick zoom function with a wide range of 8˚ to 50˚.

The unique shape of the PZ-Q3003 prevents cables to be in sightlines. The fixture has a double bracket so it can be placed on the floor or mounted to truss structures by using the unique CLF quicklock system. This hanging system is easy to use and time-saving. A clear LCD display on the back of the PZ-Q3003 gives access to all settings, including four different dimmer curves. Controlled by DMX, the  PZ-Q3003 offers an extensive colour temperature control and a pre programmed FX engine.