36pcs Pixels LED Wall Washer

- Jan 12, 2019-

The LED420B is a tough combination outdoor rated RGBWA strip wash / pixel / effect fixture powered by 60x 3W Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White LEDs (12x each). Users can produce stellar color mixing from its high powered RGBWA LEDs, plus full independent control of 3 individual pixels (20x LEDs each)....


  • Use 60pcs 3W-RGBAW LED group, Combined control in three stages.

  • Optical Angle: 25°

  • Built-in temperature control, current power output can be viewed, signal connection prompt

  • Built-in static mode, auto-running, self-programming, master and slave, DMX512,with lock screen function.

  • The three parts forms different chasing effect.

Product advantages:

  • Independent R&D, waterproof IP65, High heat conduction of aluminum radiator, no fan and noise. Achieve a variety of chase running light effect.

  • Adopts SCM system chip, constant current control, power supply using switch power, stable and reliable operation, the dimming curve is optional, soft and stable without flickering.