380W Beam Moving Head Light

- Dec 22, 2018-

380W beam moving head light is a high-efficiency, high-integration, high-effect, high-speed linear three-in-one beam pattern light, which combines domestic and foreign high-quality materials and high-tech design technology; adopts authoritative three-phase motor, constant current circuit board and enough power 600W380V electronic ballast, 36V, 24V, 12V dedicated voltage, with ultra-precise positioning and strong anti-interference ability; self-developed special optical lens, beam, pattern, dyeing, integrated high-intensity concentrating Effect; with a color wheel: white color + 8 colors + linear CTO; three pattern wheels, one for static pattern wheel: 6 white color+ 9 patterns; one for dynamic effect wheel: white color + aperture + 3 arc Dynamic effect pattern; one is metal rotating pattern wheel: white color + 7 plug-in glass patterns, can be superimposed with the effect wheel, LOGO can be customized and replaced; independent: eight prism, sixteen prism, combined with pattern function, can Separate implementation: 8+16+24 beam effect switching; full-time linear beam and pattern reduction and magnification, and clear adjustment at any angle, maximum opening angle: 2-80 degrees; full-time linear reduction and magnification dynamic Ripple effect; integrated light hook folded, the built-in battery is not energized addressable with RDM console programmable address code, prism automatic adjustment convenient; CTO with color temperature adjustment linear system to solve the problem of surface light remote stage.

The 380W beam light display board has a USB interface, which can be used to adjust the address code without powering on. It can upgrade the display board program, and can freely set the usage time of the light. The light of this motherboard can be turned fast, very quiet and accurate.