- Mar 27, 2019-

The LED moving head is a multifunctional headlight which can be freely adjusted. If you need a headlight that can be shifted around every axis and has an integrated colour changing system – here it is. It is also equipped with a variety of gobos to project creative patterns. Whatever amount of light is needed, with an LED moving head the light emission can be adjusted with a shutter or dimmer. Shine a light at discotheques, concerts, TV productions, theatres, or fashion events – the LED moving head can be used virtually everywhere where professional lighting is used.

7X40W LED MOVING HEAD A hexagonal lens with small spot diameter, concentrated energy distribution and good lens focusing performance. The seven lenses are arranged in the form of a ventral eye, which is approximately circular and has a uniform color mixture. Linear dimming from 0-100%, soft dimming and dimming, LCD display can be set to reverse 180 degree display, convenient for hanging working angle, wide voltage universal, using Powercon industry universal power socket, built-in temperature control function, when When the LED works overheating, it intelligently reduces the output power of the LED. And with shift error correction function, accurate reset, multi-lamp operation synchronization is good.