Battery Operated Par Units-PBS1207-BA-WI-PLUS

- Apr 22, 2019-


PBS1207-BA-WI PLUS is designed as a wireless led par light with lithum battery built inside. Unlike the old battery light, this newly released unit is for outdoor use, rating at IP65. There is no attached cables, instead, it is equipped with IP65 powerCon in and out, DMX in and out. The touch screen LCD display is friendly to use, very easy for operation, even easy for unprofessional users. The wireless receiver is also built inside, while there is no interference for the signal receiving. 

And Users could also make the led par light run in auto-run mode. With various onboard programs, users could creat wonderful effects. If clients need to make all the lights run the same program, then set one light as master light, and the rest as slave lights.The LCD touch screen display makes all the settings and operation very freindly to use.

 PS1207-BA-WI-IP65 built-in 4 button LED control panel allows total control over the fixture, including master/slave, auto mode, fade, strobe settings, manual color adjustment, sound active mode, and power output mode settings. The fixture also features a unique “push and lock” waterproof AC power input connector. The final cherry on top? For the ultimate ease of setup, its built-in W-DMX receiver will provide wireless communication for over 500 meters (line-of-sight) with any W-DMX transmitter!

For users' convenience, charging flight case is also available for users' choice.The usual packing is carton packing,which is free. There will be extra charge for charging flight case. customers need to indicate before placing the order.