Beam Light VS Led Moving Head Light,what Is The Difference?

- Apr 09, 2019-


With the improvement of people's living standards, the development of culture and entertainment industry has become increasingly demanding for the construction of large-scale opera houses and the stage. Review stage lighting market supply and demand, moving head light ,beam light be in the front end. Today's stage if without moving head lights or beam lights, as if not enough fashion and advanced, then what are the characteristics of these two lights? What is the difference between them?

First, the difference between the light beam.

The most important point of beam light is light beam, a bright beam is the pursuit of beam light; about the moving head light, in fact, it should be said that the gobo light of discharge lamp , focusing on the light beam is the final result of the spot and pattern. The purpose of the two lights is different, so the applications will be obvious different.

Second, different light sources,

 different applications.

Beam light is a metal halide lamp, the gobo light is a discharge bulb. Metal Halide Lamp for Beam Light Because the beam angle is very small, light efficiency is higher, so even if the power is not very high, can get a very bright beam, Moving head lights are tapered lights that illuminate much larger areas than beam lights. Suppose a gobo lightcan illuminates an adult, then a beam light even can not illuminate a child.

Therefore, the application of beam light more suitable for the explosive scenes, such as the opening show and the hot dance when the close-up, with strobe, to make the impact of passionate visual impact. The moving head light is attend to show the art of soft and intellectual, enjoy the aftertaste in the slow dance, through the combination of different colors and gobos, the formation of soft gorgeous scenes, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Thirdly, due to the differences in light efficiency, there is a huge difference of the actual available distance.

Beam light recommended use of 12 meters away, and the use of the gobo light advice 5 meters on it. beam lights in the close range of exposure, it is easy to form a feeling of dizziness, the light is too bright.

The discharge lamp of the moving head light will not have this feeling. So imagine If at a bar that is only three or five meters high, the beam light overhead are dangling like searchlights, and the guests will be dizzy. How many people can accept it?

Moving head light

And in this occasion the choice of moving head light is a wise choice, there can be light beams and gobos, the formation of a good atmosphere, it will not make the guests feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, in the high studio, the wide beam angle of the moving head light makes the light beam very dark and the effect of the light can not be achieved. In this case, the beam light should be used. Therefore, the choice of light beam and moving head light should be based on the actual use of the distance and the effect of choice.

The user should choose according to the most used occasion and purposes, do not blindly follow the trend, with a lot of money still do not get the effect.