How Many Kinds Of Stage Lighting Effects Are There?

- Apr 17, 2019-

How many kinds of stage lighting effects are there?

Many people who do weak electricity or integration usually have to contact the stage lighting Hot sell professional stage lightequipment configuration, but often the lighting part is weak. When they meet the stage lighting equipment configuration, they don't know what to configure. Stage lighting mainly includes basic light, effect light, persona light, background light and lighting console equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the main role of these lights. If you need the details of stage lighting equipment configuration, consult us about the Gosta Stage Lighting Project.

I. Basic Light

In order to make the audience see the stage clearly and the performance clearly. First of all, we should give the whole stage a basic lighting. This basic lighting includes uniform white and color lighting. Basic white light is necessary, but the illumination requirement is not high. Especially in some occasions where there are many enjoyments, or in some climaxes of performances, or in some special performances (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. The basic color light is the atmosphere of the whole stage. It decides the tone of the whole lighting effect, either passionate, romantic, or melancholy. In the choice of lamps and lanterns, the spotlight should be selected for the light projected to the stage in front of the stage. The color light can be obtained by adding filters. The color should not be too deep. The spotlight or the beam light can be used on the top of the stage performance and the back of the stage. The direction of light can be projected on the appreciation body from behind. The brightness can be a little brighter and the color can be chosen to be heavier.

II. Basic Effect Lamp

It is composed of directional beam lamps and lanterns. It has a three-dimensional aesthetic sense of shape and varies in color. The shape can be combined and changed by stage lighting artists at will.

III. Special Effect Lamp

Computer lamp is a special effect lamp because of its superior performance and ever-changing effect. But the price of computer lamp is very expensive, so it must be considered on the premise of guaranteeing basic light and basic effect. At the same time, due to the use of computer lights, the number of basic effect lamps can be relatively reduced. Each lamp mechanical lamp, because its function is relatively single and fixed, will feel that they are not easy to control, so it can be less matched.

IV. Character Light

Group performance and large area lighting are solved by basic white light. Local lighting and host lighting are solved by tracer, so * 2 to 3 tracer lights are equipped for different occasions. Teams or other fixed performers can use beam lamps to cast light at fixed points.

Background light

The background of the ballroom will change with the different performers, each time because of the aesthetic feeling or the needs of the program. Background light is to highlight these background objects appropriately, so that they can be integrated into the performance, foil the theme, commonly used background lights are sky curtain lamp, ground curtain lamp, beam lamp and so on.

6. Lighting console

All the above lights need to control their brightness. In general, SCR equipment is used for control. When choosing lighting console, console type products with strong effect and function, many controllable loops and convenient operation should be selected. If the economy permits,* select the computer console.

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