ICE MAGIC From Bluemax Is Installed In Interlaken Of Switzerland

- Dec 08, 2018-

Interlaken is a tourist town in Switzerland, Europe, which is famous for its maiden peak, the "backbone of Europe",Latin for "between two lakes," between lake Taun and LakeBrienz, also known as LakeBrienz, is a town that has become a standard tourist destination. Interlaken is geographically the center of the Bern highlands. Here produces the famous hand spins the fine net fabric, actually it’s famous by "Dishcloth" the name, on the contrary is famous in the world. Like the wood carving of Blenz, because of its complicated technology, it eventually became a local specialty. The traditional handmade pottery products here are also very famous, the patterns have the local village characteristics, also have the modern flavor, deeply favored by tourists. Interlaken is also a popular sports destination. 

Bring the fantastic winter wonderland to your living room. You can get know the situation via Livecams, you can experience ICE MAGIC directly (only during the sports competition season ).