Important Instructions Of LED Par Lights

- Dec 25, 2018-

How to use LED Par light? It’s important to understand it’s instructions, LED Par light is one of the lighting fixtures, it’s mainly used in stage lighting, it can make the stage more beautiful,more radiant,make the atmosphere of the stage more bright-colored. What's the difference between LED Par light and traditional light? LED Par light has a richer color effect, Therefore, the current LED Par light replaced the traditional Par light on a variety of large and small stage. Since LED lamp is different from other lamps, the natural use method is also different. In order to better use LED Par lights, it is very important to understand the requirements of LED Par lights.

●Special care should be taken in the installation of LED lamp, as far as possible do not install close to water or other liquid position.

●Do not look directly at the light when using LED Par light, otherwise it will do great harm to your eyes.

●If it is necessary to repair LED Par light, it must be cut off the power supply first, and the maintenance shall be carried out by technical personnel without rest.

●D.Select the right power source and connect it to the right light, then turn it on