IP65 Water-proof RGBAWV 6-IN-1 Led Par Light

- Dec 10, 2018-

PS1212 is an innovative concept which combines superior RGBWAUV colour mixing, smart design and adaptable beams through the exclusive Smart Filter System. Specially selected high quality LEDs provide deep, saturated colours with an outstanding white balance and exceptionally smooth projection. Guaranteed flicker free operation makes the PS1212 suitable for tv shows, theatre and corporate events. 

The fixture has a double bracket so it can be placed on the floor or mounted to truss structures by using the unique CLF quicklock system. This system is easy to use & time-saving. A clear LCD display gives access to all settings, including different dimmer curves. Controlled by DMX, the PS1212 comes with 3p XLR connectors witch can be easily swapped to 5p XLR. Available accessories are a detachable snoot, barndoor and a Wireless Solution W DMX™ receiver. The PS1212 is the perfect choice for professional & high demanding users.