LED Outdoor Zoom Par Light With Wireless

- Dec 05, 2018-

PZ-Q1512 is part of a new generation of LED par effects, designed for multi-purpose concepts, suitable for both stage and architectural lighting.The single-lens optical system with convex endings enhances the (12) 15w RGBW LED source through a reflecting technique implying color to be pre-mixed. The Zoom 12  features a 8° - 50° zoom angle enabling the fixture to have fantastic beam effects with great definition, or a wide angle high-diffusion wash; excellent efficiency and perfect chromatic uniformity are maintained throughout the zoom range. PZ-Q1512 comes with 3p XLR connectors, but can be easily be swapped to 5p XLR using the supplied board. Available accessories are a detachable snoot, barndoor and a Wireless Solution W DMX™ receiver. All in all, the PZ-Q1512 is the only choice for professional and high demanding users