LED Strobe Light Use

- Oct 30, 2018-

The LED strobe light is focused on the intelligent transportation field and has been developed for various capture systems for the fill of high-definition digital cameras. It is a new high-power high-performance digital LED strobe light developed in response to the working environment and functional requirements of electronic police such as security card, speeding, and red light. The product adopts a unique digital control circuit, which has the advantages of long return life, long life, precise control of flash time, continuous output in high-power square wave form (high power density) and greatly improved light output energy during camera exposure. By adjusting the flash length, the illumination and camera exposure time can be optimally combined, thereby greatly reducing the impact on the human eye and minimizing the interference of ambient light on the photograph. In order to reduce the irritation to the human eye during flashing, the LED can be set to be normally in a weakly bright state, and after being triggered, a high intensity flashes. It is also possible to set the LED to a normally off state.

The flash duration of the LED can be set to meet the fill light requirements of CCD and CMOS cameras. Generally speaking, when the CCD camera is filled with light, the flash duration of the LED is less than 4ms; the duration of the flash when the CMOS camera is filled with light depends on the pixel of the camera, which is 80ms for 5 million pixels; 60ms for 3 million pixels; 1.3 million The pixel is 28ms. It can meet the requirements of the camera system to achieve the clearest camera and driver requirements under various lighting conditions. Its unique control technology, product performance, ease of installation, longevity and price are superior to ordinary flashlights. It is the best substitute for the commonly used flashing lights for electronic police on the market, and it is also the preferred flash for electronic police upgrades.