New Product Launch- SQ1509-matrix

- Apr 23, 2019-



Input voltage: AC 100V-264V/47-63HZ

Maximum power consumption: 110W

Light type: imitation Osram / Osram 15W-RGBW - four in one

LED life: 50000~100000hours

PWM dimming:

Control signal: DMX512

Beam angle: 4 degrees, 6.5 degrees optional

Control mode: stand-alone control mode / master-slave mode / Sweden wireless / compatible wireless


Function effect: single point control

Cooling method: natural heat dissipation

Electric strength: 1.5KV

Insulation resistance: >2MΩ

Size: 279*210*213mm

Product net weight: 4.7Kg

Lamp input voltage: DC24V

Shell color: optional according to demand, commonly used black, white

Protection level: IP65

Certification: CE, ETL



Main features:

Single point control, you can edit the chase effect by yourself, and the shape and effect are ever-changing.

The beam effect is obvious

The structure is clean and perfect, independent research and development,

Built-in digital temperature control, output dimming is soft and stable

Use the chassis to naturally dissipate heat without noise