Principles And Trends Of Wall Washers

- Jan 16, 2019-

LED wall washers are also called line-type LED floodlights, etc., because of their long strip shape, others call it LED line lights, mainly used for architectural decorative lighting, as well as used to outline large buildings. Outline, its technical parameters and LED The floodlights are generally similar. Compared to the circular structure of the LED floodlights, the heat dissipation device of the strip structure of the LED wall washers is better handled.

Led wall washer principle

LED wall washers are relatively large in size and heat dissipation, so the design is also greatly reduced in difficulty. However, in practical applications, constant current driving will not be done too well, and there are many damages. So how do you let the wall wash? The lamp can run better, the focus is on control and drive, control and drive, let's learn about the LED current regulator.

Regarding the high-power products of LEDs, we will all mention the constant current drive. What is the LED constant current drive? Regardless of the change in the size of the load, the circuit in which the current of the LED remains unchanged is called LED constant current drive. If the 1W LED is used inside the wall washer, the purpose of driving with the LED constant current is to improve the life and light decay of the LED. The choice of constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability. I choose the high-efficiency constant current source as much as possible, which can reduce energy loss and temperature.

Application of led wall washer Let us analyze the main application of wall washer and the achievable effect. LED wall washer is controlled by built-in microchip. In small engineering applications, it can be used without controller. Gradient, jump Dynamic effects such as change, color flicker, random flicker, gradual alternation, etc., can also achieve the effects of chasing, scanning, etc. through the control of DMX.

LED wall washer trend

In recent years, LED wall washers have been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of the corporate buildings, the lighting of government buildings, the lighting of historical buildings, entertainment venues, etc. The wider the room, from the original room to the room Outside, from the local partial lighting to the current overall lighting, are the level of improvement and development; today LED wall washers have been heavily invested in lighting projects, LED wall washers will become bright in the next few years An indispensable part of engineering.