UV Lights Mini LED Par Can

- Jan 03, 2019-


PS1203 Mini PAR is a compact RGBAWV 6-in-1 LED fixture with an impressive output for in- and outdoor use. The powerful LEDs provide extremely high output and ensures ‘flicker-free’  operation for all types of TV and camera use. The fixtures comes with a 25˚ beam angle which is perfect for illuminating large surfaces and can also be used for effect lighting. The solid housing of the fixture makes it suitable for every rental stock and fixed installations. 


  • Use 12W*3pcs-RGBAWUV6-in-1 LED

  • Use analog temperature control, it can be protected by temperature control, current power output can be viewed, signal connection prompt.

  • Built-in static mode, auto-run, self-programming, master and slave, DMX512.

Product advantages:

  • Independent R&D small frame

  • No fan & no noise

  • It adopts SCM system chip and constant current mode control.

  • Small size, great Effect.


Widely suitable for users inside and outside the occasion (stage, landscape, etc.)